Brittany (« Breizh » in Breton) is a northwestern region of France, situated between the Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. Brittany, much appreciated by tourists, in the summer, as well as during winter..., may be one of our most popular regions of France.



Land of high personality, tradition and history, Brittany is notably renowned for its exceptional seashore and coastline. From Cancale to the Gulf of Morbihan, the seashore consists of creeks, wide beaches, dunes, « abers » ("Breton fjords"), granite cliffs lighted up by windy light-houses..., typical harbours made up of granite houses, fishing ports, seaside resorts, and islands, just like : Bréhat, Molène, Ouessant, Groix, Belle-Île, Hoëdic, or even rocky peninsulas.


Still, Brittany may not be liked for her coastline, only... Indeed, it is generally considered that Brittany is divided into two parts : the Armor (« Sea » in Breton) and the Argoat (the « forest »), which both are "really something great" ! Thus, the Argoat is such an amazing, and full of charm, region, that will offer you a wealth of touristic places...., les Monts d'Arrée, Pontivy, la forêt de Brocéliande, Rennes... !
Moreover, Brittany has become a high place of thalassotherapy - considered as the toppest level in France !


Besides, you will enjoy the Breton culinary art, too, such as kouign amann, quatre-quarts, far breton, crêpes or galettes. And you will eat (and drink) with relish : The andouille de Guéméné, Cancale oysters and cider !

cidre crepe

But don't forget to participate to fest-noz (traditional Breton village festivals), and « Les Vieilles Charrues », « Cornouaille », « Filets Bleus », « Interceltique de Lorient » summertime festivals as well.


Finally, don't miss « La Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan » ("The Morbihan Gulf's Week"), from Monday 27th May until Sunday 2nd June 2019 :

This is an international nautical event, a cultural and popular festival in the magical landscape of the « Petite Mer » (« Mor Bihan » in Breton). More than one thousand classical and traditional ships divided up into consistent and identifiable flotillas, which sail every day and call, either at ports, either at moorings... As a consequence : a split up festival that gives life to the whole Gulf of Morbihan... The programme of the nautical show is determined and given rhythm by the geographical specificities of the « Petite Mer », its islands and islets, the little channel that protects her from the high sea, the ebb and flow, the choppy sea, the streams...